Currently, we are developing the ProKris Pilot Plant in our Technohal at Wageningen Campus. While we focus on developing and optimizing the anti-solvent sugar crystallizer, with sugar beets as our starting feedstock, we bear in mind the necessities for up-scaling to a preferred unit size. ProKris will be suitable for (cooperative) farmlands ranging between 100-300ha, cultivating up to 30.000 ton sugar beets per year. Next to perfecting the ProKris technology for sugar beets, the process will be further evaluated and optimized for multiple types of feed stocks such as sugar cane, fruit waste, molasses and black liquor.

During coming sugar beet season, Nov 2017 till Jan 2018, the pilot plant will extensively be tested to optimize sugar crystal output. From February 2018 the pilot plant can be used to test other feedstock. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities of testing your feedstock within our Prokris Pilot Plant.

Wageningen University & Research and IPSS Engineering have signed a long-term cooperation agreement for the further development, optimization and commercialization of the new anti-solvent crystallization technology ProKris.

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